Toxic Planet, Toxic Lives


My Personal Disclaimer Regarding the End of This Video…. Though there are many insights in the world’s spiritual leaders and their beliefs.  There are also many falsehoods and misconceptions. 


If the contents of the video below or hearing the statements at the end of the video have offended you in any way – I apologize in advance.  I just wish to present a complete view of the circumstances pertaining to our foods and how it is brought to us.  Thank You, TheUndefeatedLife…


Today we live in a toxic environment; even the foods we eat are synthesized so much so that the true food value is either missing or modified in such a way that it is no longer healthy to eat in most cases.  Today due to chemical treatment that is occurring with our foods, many of the foods we eat are actually bad for us.  In some instances, the food we eat and exposure to toxins is killing us slowly and accelerating the aging process.  


In 2009, Harvard Medical Doctor, David L Duffy wrote:

"A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism finds that 'A diet that is - high in (animal) protein and cereal grains - is metabolized in a way that produces residue with an acidic pH. This may increase calcium excretion and weaken bones.' I believe it may also inhibit the release of oxygen from the red blood cells to the body."


Throughout time and historical texts, the higher conscious leaders throughout the world have realized that certain foods cause the body to react in a certain way.  In many instances toxicity creates adverse side effects including, poor health, obesity, depression, agitation, emotional instability, and the death of the body’s cells.


Our bodies are designed to absorb and filtrate all incoming substances.  Our bodies are comprised of living cells that are interconnected to each other for the purpose of supporting the functions of each and thereby sustaining the life of the being.  Life was meant to support Life.   Many of the high fatty food sources that we eat clog up not only arteries, but also the tissues surrounding internal organs and blood vessels.


Certain toxic foods we consume create chemical reactions within our bodies that cause our bodies to produce and release even more toxic chemicals.  If what we put in our bodies is contaminated then we ourselves will excrete contaminated chemical reactions that pollute our bodies even further. 


However if we do not pass these chemicals out of our bodies and blood stream, then these toxins remain in the body clogging up are arteries and digestive tracts.  Because fatty food deposits are not passing out of our bodies, food plaque forms holding all of the toxicity within our bodies creating an environment that breeds micro-organisms.  These micro-organisms breed and multiply in the body causing even more unhealthy toxicity.


Compare Your Kitchen Sink with Your Intestinal Tract…       

When certain Foods: Animal Products, Oils and Grain Products are Digested they become - Food Plaque - in different parts of the Body:

1. Dental Plaque on the Teeth - Becomes Hard  

2. Arterial Plaque in the Arteries - Becomes Thick Layer lining the Arteries

3. Mucoid Plaque - Intestinal Plaque Forms a Rubbery Sack Lining the Intestinal Tract 

Clogged Drain - Clogged Intestinal Tract - Foods that Clog Your Kitchen Drain, are the Same Foods that Clog the Intestinal Tract.

Here at left you see a Mucoid Sack that was expelled during a colon cleanse.

FOODS that CLOG the Intestinal Tract
Animal Products (Chicken, Eggs, Meat, Fish) and Grain Products (Cereal, Bread, Rice, Pastas)

Reverse Aging…

Did you know that there are certain foods that reverse ageing?  Use this link to read more about it.  You will discover about the causes of aging and what you can do to reverse it.

Did you know that Jesus spoke of diet and indicated that certain diets could cause you to live forever?  It is difficult to even conceptualize this idea in today’s society.  That is because we are so contaminated with toxins.  We have removed ourselves from a natural life style.  Just as our lives, our food is automated and processed, leaving little from nature available to us.


Use this link to see what Jesus said on this through both scripture correlation and scientific information facts pertaining to the human body. 


When I lived in Iowa near the pork slaughter house, I remember that some pigs would in realizing where they were would scream and die.

This video is graphic and was very disturbing for me to watch; however, I am glad that I did as now I have a better understanding of the food industry….  Just something to think about.

Today, I planted my second garden….  Lots of greens and fruits…  I hope that you all gain some good insights from this information, and that it leads to better health for you and your families. 

 Thank you,






Footnote from Oahspe,

An ancient manuscript of Gnostic writings; also correlates to the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls and various other ancient writings…

The asaphs said, “Alas, this difference have we observed: The trees, and plants and fruits emit delightful atmospheres, most nutritious to the spirit, but that which is emitted from the living fish and living worm is foul-smelling, being but of the sweat and dead substances evaporating. What, then, shall we do?

The Creator said, “From the trees, the fruits, the flowers, the grains and seeds, and roots that grow in the ground, have I created a ceaseless harvest going upward into the atmosphere, which shall be the sustenance of the spirits of men newborn in heaven. But whosoever feasts on flesh on earth, shall not find spiritual food in heaven, but he shall return to the butcheries and eating-houses where flesh is eaten.”




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